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Dr. Namita Nadar says “Nutrition is the key element of health“. If we start eating the way our ancestors eat we will never get ill, gain weight and suffer from metabolic stress.

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About Us

Dr. Namita Nadar is among the best dietitian and nutritionist in Noida Delhi NCR with an experience of close to two decades. She believes a nutritionist is one who supports patients to understand the requirements of nutrients according to their requirements. Every individual is different and his/ her need for nutrition is different, but that’s perfectly ok and for this Dr. Namita Nadar Diet Clinic in sector 75 is the best choice in Noida.

Our vision is to provide the right diet plan to the right person to beat weight lossweight gain, or any other therapeutic diets like cholesterol diabetes, or hormonal issues.

How We Work In Our Diet Clinic?

We at our diet clinic work on the ABCD approach. Which includes anthropogenic measurements, understanding biochemical parameters of clients, body constitution and composition of a person, and last but not least diet assessment and then planning approach?


With this approach, we are able to assess the client completely and accordingly plan a dietexercise, and supplements. In our clinic, we provide metabolism-boosting support through body therapies and body detoxification. We balance body PH level to get maximum results.

Weight loss is not overnight magic, it’s a journey of eating healthy nutritious food always, but yes we are committed to providing excellent results in less than 15 days. You will see desired changes in your weight as well as biochemical parameters.


As an experienced Dietician and Nutritionist in Noida Dr. Namita Nadar can only help you in getting desired consistent results for weight loss or weight gain. Dr. Namita Nadar is one of the best Dietitian in Noida and only an experienced dietician knows the right targeted way to achieve results, just cutting calories will not help.


The process of the weight loss journey is not to lose your health, muscle mass and vital nutrients from your body, other than this is an approach to fatloss, cholesterol, triglycerides, excess sugar from your body. Dr. Namita Nadar Diet Clinic is an 18 years old clinic built with experience, studies and based on new research.

What People Think About Us?

I found Dr Namita on the internet and I took a diet plan from her, in the first month itself I had lost 3.5 kg weight, now Dr. Namita had given keto diet without chicken and iam really enjoying it,( one should must try this plan ) good results are visible in just five days of keto diet. Dr. Namita diet plans are quite easy to follow and she make diet plan according to my food choices. She is highly recommended for nutrition guidance. Thank you Dr namita,you are too good
Wonderful experience with Dr Namita weight loss perfect guidance for weight loss I lost 12 kgs because of her diet plan. Awesome Dietitics and Nutrition
Dr. Namita is very experienced nutritionist with vast knowledge on her subject. I have been with her from the last 15 years. All the good experiences to share… Recommend with 5 star appreciation.
Dr. Namita Nadar is a great nutritionist. She helped me in losing 7kgs over 3 months. She motivated and supported me through out the journey. Her guidance made the journey smoother. I would highly recommend her for weight loss! She is great in her job!
Thanks to Dr namita nadar she help me in weight loss, I have loose 3 kg within 10 days, through her diet instructions I am feeling very good. She is a best doctor
Dr. Namita Nadar is an good nutritionist and has been very helpful with me. She’s very attentive and concerned to health issues and regular followup and her diet plans and advices have worked good and I reduce 5 KG in first Month itself, Journey is continue and I recommend her to you all.
Dr. Namita Nadar is the best dietician I have ever met. She's so calm and supportive and also encourages to work on yourself and seeing her people themselves get motivated.i must recommend you all to visit her.
Wonderful experience with Dr. Namita Nadar. She is highly professional and knowledgeable. Completely satisfied with the results. Very grateful to her. I recommend her!!!
Dr. Namita is an incredible resource. Her approach is predicated on education and the needs of her clients. Highly recommend
She is very helpful and gives good advice. I was able to gain 6kg in 3 months. Must recommend for anyone looking to gain weight.
Dr. Namita Nadar is an excellent doctor. I highly recommend her. She is very kind and friendly. My family has also visited her. Very pleasant and helpful experience.
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Namita Nadar. She explained everything in a very clear manner. Her treatment helped me a lot. I’m healthier than ever. I am glad I got her as my doctor as she’s very helpful and kind. All thanks to her.
Dr.Namita Nadar is a very good nutritionist.I was struggling with gaining weight and her diet plans worked wonders.i was able to achieve my goal.I recommend her.
Dr. Namita Nadar is highly experienced and very dedicated towards her patients. I felt extremely comfortable with her. Her diet plans have been working like wonders. I lost around 10kgs in no time. Overall a very positive and fruitful experience . I highly recommend!!!
Dr. Namita Nadar is an amazing nutritionist and has been very helpful with me and my family. She’s very attentive and concerned to my health issues and her diet plans and advices have worked wonders. I highly recommend her to you all.
Dr. Namita Nadar is one of the best nutritionist i’ve come across. Extremely helpful and generous. I struggled with obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. Her diet plans are easy to follow and work really well. I highly recommend her for consultation!
I visited dr. Namita for my weight loss and she gave me a very easy diet plan to follow and so I’ve lost 6 kgs in 2 months
I had a good experience with Dr. Namita. She has a great knowledge of her profession. With her help I was able to lose 14 kg in 3 months only. Highly recommended.
Dr.Namita is very professional and best in her profession. would highly recommend everyone to Consult for any diet related queries.
I visited Dr namita nadar for weight gain. I started my weight gain with 47 kg with her and in two months I gained 6 kg weight. Now my weight is 53 kg.Her diet plans are home based and very healthy. I not gained fat but yes increased muscle mass. Her follow up is very good and very polite with her discussion with me.
Dr Namita Nadar is a very good dietitian. I visited her for my wife's diet plan as she is a sugar patient. She gave us a diet plan which help us a lot in controlling my wife's sugar. And the best thing about Dr. Namita is that she is always take follow up and she is very friendly by nature too.
Hi, Loosing weight is a tough job to do but after getting in touch with Namita mam I have reduced approximately 7.5kg in one month with her diet and continuous guidance. More to go.🤞 My Weight one month ago - 120kg(17thMay2021) My present Weight - 112.5kg(18th June 2021) Please keep ur will power strong and follow the diet with little exercise.
I have an umbical hernia issue and doctor told me to reduce 15 kg weight.Dr namita helped me to reduce 6 kg in a month. She is very experienced and provide right guidance. Still i hv to reduce 9 kg more wd her. Thanku dr namita for ur support.
I lost my 10 kg weight in just 45 days after following the diet plan given by Dr Namita. She is really an excellent doctor, very helpful polite and friendly person. I highly recommend her. She suggests the suitable diets according to the patient. She is very caring and always keep the follow up.
I visited Dr namita nadar for weight gain...she given me detailed diet plan with recipes and now I gained 2 kgs in 1 month...and looking for more...and my fat percentage is not increased as,she also explained me to increase physical activity to gain muscle mass...thanks ma'am for ur guidance..!
I have been consulting Dr. Namita since a year and I must say the results are really great. There is so kuch relief I have health wise and my health is improved with her diet consultation. She is an experienced and dedicated doctor.
She make the diet plan as per the your requirement and her diet plan is very easy to follow. It was excellent experience. I recommended her for diet and nutrition.
Dr. Namita is quite professional in her approach and at the same time very friendly in nature She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease .Her knowledge in her subject is simply amazing A very good control . If you follow her diet plan and healthy ways of living desired results are attained effortlessly .Good Luck Namita
She is awesome about her knowledge and she knew how to apply on others those have lots of budern on head . She is always very helpful nature what I assume in my services . She care his client not as a client even as a friend or member of society . Knowledge:. 5/5 Experice: 5/5 Quality of products she recommended: 5/5 Connectivity: 5/5 If u want to fight with urself ( those things which u store in ur fatty body ) namita ji is right person where u can utilise ur time .
My husband started his weight loss journey in March 2021 with guidence of Dr.Namita Nadar.He was 130kg at that time and We have taken the three months plan to lose weight. She gave the assurance that upto 15kg will be reduced in three months. Her diet plans are so good and every week she gives different plan due to this my husband doesn't get bored in following the diet plans. He lost 18.2kg in three months now he is 111.8kg. I highly recommend Dr Namita for those who want to loose weight and follow the healthy eating.
Dr Namita is one of the best Diet and Nutrition Consultant I have come across when it comes to Weight Loss/ Gain. Due to professional obligations, I was struggling with my unhealthy lifestyle and fooding habits. I am glad, I got a reference of Dr Namita from a friend who was already consulting her. Benefitting from her consultation since more than 8 months now and it has been a great experience. I strongly recommend everyone who is seeking consultation and guidance on Weight Loss/ Gain, Nutrition and Diet, should connect with Dr Namita Nadar.
Had great experience so far started from 77.5 kg and have achieved 71 kg my waist size is now 31 inches. The gud thing is that I haven’t reduced my muscle size and that is great about the diet plan she gives diet plan according to your goals and she always gives variations in diet plan . I would recommend Dr Nadar to people who are serious in fitness and want to achieve their goals.

Dr Namita Nadar's diet plan works fantastically. I have been under her guidance for two times. One was long ago say before five or six years,when under her guidance and following her diet plans I had lost more than 25 kg weight but on account of my negligence again I put on weight considerably. Again I started following her diet plan since January this year and glad to say that out of 115 kg I have lost my weight between 7-8 kg.. Thanks Dr Namita for doing good to me. One more thing I would like to say when you are following a diet plan you must I repeat, you must be honest in following the plan. Thanks