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Drinking too much can hamper your health. Statistics show that alcohol use led to approximately 88000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost.

Alcohol consumption is linked with 60 different types of diseases. Alcoholism and nutrient deficiencies go hand in hand with vitamin A, D, E, Vitamin B complex, and calcium.

Nutritional treatment aims to restore the body’s natural supply of these chemicals. Everyone’s metabolism is different, so the approach must be highly customized. Since, alcohol devoids proteins, minerals, and vitamins, it inhibits the absorption and usage of vital nutrients.

Zinc is also essential to your energy metabolic processes. Since alcohol depletes your zinc resources, the effect is an even greater reduction of your endurance.

Also, to build bigger and stronger muscles, your body needs to sleep to repair itself after a workout, because of alcohol’s effect on sleep, However, your body is robbed of a precious chemical called “human growth hormone”. Alcohol, when in your body triggers the production of a substance in your liver that is directly toxic to testosterone.

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