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Weight Loss Program by the best dietician in Noida

Losing weight can be a daunting task especially without correct guidance. Trying several crash diets and unsustainable methods of weight loss may help you lose weight temporarily but once you go back to your old way, the weight comes along. This is the very problem that Dr.NamitaNadar’s diet clinic Noida helps you with. Dr.NamitaNadar is one of the best dietician and nutritionist in Noida Delhi NCR. She has helped several of her clients to achieve their desired weight without compromising on their favourite foods and in the healthiest way. Her diet plans are holistic and based on the dietary preferences of her clients. She is a strong believer of eating what our ancestors ate in order to remain healthy. Over the past two decades she has helped several of her clients to lose weight and also sustain the weight loss.

Her weight loss programs are specifically cut out to meet the needs of all her clients and take special care of all their preferences

Instant Weight loss Program by the best nutritionist in Noida

This is a special program for the clients who want to lose their weight at a faster speed for a specific reason. Planning a vacation in Maldives or a special wedding is just around the corner. Don’t worry! Dr. Namita’s diet Clinic has got you covered. Dr.Namita’s special Instant Weight loss will give you higher results and that too in a very short period of time without compromising your health.

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Dr. Namita Nadar

Brides and bridegrooms

Are you expecting to get married anytime soon and don’t have time to take up a long term plan? Don’t worry you can take Dr.NamitaNadar’s instant weight loss program and get quick results without losing the glow. We have special packages available for bride and bridegroom wanting to take consultation together. Offers are also available for many members wanting to subscribe to this program.

Attendees of Wedding

If you are expecting someone special’s wedding in a near time soon, just get enrolled in our instant weight loss program and you will start seeing the results within a week. Special care will be taken to include foods that will not only give you energy and aid weight loss but also retain your glow.

Beauty Pageant contestants

Beauty pageants are very gruelling and contestants generally get very little to no time to prepare for the same. Keeping this in mind we have created this special program that will aid you in your special weight loss journey and help you tone your body for this big occasion. The package includes special tips to not just lose weight but also tone your body by gaining muscles.

Defence personnel

Want to join an army but don’t have time to prepare? Come to Dr.NamitaNadar’s Diet Clinic and we will help you achieve your weight loss goals within a time frame. The diet chart is made keeping in mind the kind of routine which is expected from defence personnel. The program is focussed at body toning and muscle building

Flying crew

If flying is your dream and you want to join an air crew, we will help you in achieving that. Many a times important deadlines for joining crew are fast approaching but we do not have time to prepare for it. Our Instant Weightloss Program is just perfect for such occasions. We will help you lose weight with the help of our special diets and constant follow ups.

Impromptu holiday plans

If you are running out of time to get in shape before a beach holiday, you can take this program and we will ensure that you reach your desired weight within a time frame without compromising your health. Our Instant weight loss program is designed keeping in mind the needs of the clients without compromising their health.

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Children's Weight Loss Program by the best dietician in Noida

Childhood obesity is a very burning problem in today’s time and age. With the increasing use of electronic gadgets and spending less time playing on the fields, we see a vast majority of children falling prey to obesity. Increasing weight among children could lead to many fatal diseases in them such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Childhood obesity can also lead to poor self-esteem and depression. Many parents today are concerned as to how they can make their children’s diet healthier and help them in achieving their overall growth and development. Our special children's weight loss program is designed keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of children and how we can make nutrition part of their diet without making it too boring. After all which kid wants to eat boring salads at such a young age!

Dr. Namita Nadar

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Post Pregnancy Weight loss Program by the best nutritionist in Noida

Motherhood is a wonderful time in any new mother’s life as she gets to experience many new and amazing things within a very short period of time. But pregnancy also leaves many mothers wondering if they will ever lose their weight and get back in shape. Our pregnancy weight loss program specially curated by the best dietician in Noida will help you achieve your weight loss goals and will help you bounce back from pregnancy weight gain. Enjoying this wonderful period without having to worry a lot about weight gain is something Dr.Namita Nadar is determined to give to all our clients.

Dr. Namita Nadar
Dr. Namita Nadar

Key Highlights of the Service