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Breakfast tips to lose weight

Breakfast Weight Loss Tips by the best nutritionist in Noida

Breakfast is an important meal in a person’s daily routine. Since this is the first meal after a long gap since dinner it has got its name breakfast meaning breaking the fast. Therefore, it is important to give your body good nourishing foods right in the morning in order to set the right tone for the day. Eating heavier breakfast also helps in keeping your energy and blood sugar levels in check and makes you more productive all throughout the day. Following are some of the tips that you can incorporate in your breakfast routine in order to get maximum advantage from your breakfast:

  1.  Eat protein rich breakfast.
  2.  Have highest calorie of day in breakfast .
  3.  Breakfast should be largest meal of the day.
  4.  Eat insoluble fibre in breakfast to be satiated for longer period of time.
  5. Make combination of protein ,good fat , complex Carbohydrates, and fibre.
  6. Use MCT oil in breakfast.
  7. Breakfast should not be in hurry.
  8. Include eggs lean meat legumes and nuts.
  9.  Eat at least 25 gm of protein in your breakfast.
  10. Quinoa with amaranth and nuts with plant based milk is one of the best breakfast option.

Weight loss comes after you start eating healthy. It is easy once you start following a schedule and a habit of eating healthy. Weight loss is the second step, the first is to become healthy and weight loss comes automatically after that. Weight loss is easy when you are into the habit of eating all kind of food groups. The best food group is vegetables and pulses along with good fats.
Weight loss makes your cells to shrink in size which results in sagged skin. To overcome sag skin it is necessary to do proper physical activity. One hour workout is best for the same.

We hope the above mentioned tips will help you in your weight loss journey and will help in fulfilling your fitness goals

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