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The gut is not barely just where your food gets processed and digested, it acts like a secondary brain sending signals to other parts of the body and maintaining overall health. For a legitimate reason, as it is the bedrock of your physical and mental health, consult Dr. Namita Nadar for the same.

The gut/colon is usually known as your large intestine or large bowel. Part of your digestive system breaks down food and moves waste to your rectum.

How does body naturally and partially cleanses the gut?

Toxins can get into your body when you breathe, eat, drink, or through your skin. Toxins are also made in your body during metabolism.

These toxins are transformed and removed from the body when you-

  • Sweat
  • Urinate
  • Defecate
  • Breathe

Also, not all bacteria are good. Your gastrointestinal system needs beneficial bacteria for digestion. Also, not all toxins are not removed naturally, some do require remedies for removal.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut

Here are a few signs and symptoms that all may not be well in your gut-

  • You face bloating, constipation, or gas – one of the obvious signs of an unhealthy gut is a poor digestive system. It tells us that the gut bacteria is out of balance and thus, the problem is manifesting itself through digestive issues.
  • Constant stress– stress is your gut health’s worst enemy. An unhealthy gut causes inflammation in the body and as a result, you feel stressed. On the other hand, when your body & mind are under stress it creates trouble for the gut.
  • Intense sugar craving – the very likely source of your sugar craving is an unhealthy gut. Conversely, excess sugar intake in the form of refined flour, processed foods, or packaged foods feeds the bad bacteria, that cause inflammation in the body.
  • Poop changes color & consistency – stool consistency is strongly associated with the gut microbiome – and if you notice something off, then you certainly need a gut to cleanse, with consultation from the best diet coach.

How to cleanse your gut by natural remedies?

You can cleanse your gut with the right foods associated with a gut cleanse diet and better eating habits.

  • Reduced salt intake – indulging in high salt diets can alter the gut microbiota and lead to hypertension or autoimmune disease. Excessive salt intake may lead to bloating and water retention in the body.
  • Keep the body well hydrated – water is one of the core necessities of the body. Any gut detox plan is incomplete without including plenty of water. If you can’t commit to gallons of water, then you can also look at liquid substitutes like coconut water, vegetable juice, and soups, or a simple gut detox drink like kefir or water infused with cucumber, ginger, lime, and mint.
  • Consume more alkaline foods – bring the balance on your back with alkaline foods. Which are known to work wonders in maintaining the pH balance in the body. Foods such as coriander seeds water, coconut water, and seeds in your gut cleanse diet plan.

Gut and overall health

Most importantly, a healthy gut fantastically assists and improves immunity. More often than not, the gut health goes for a toss, for many reasons – excess toxins in our environment, infection, poor diet, stress, overuse of antibiotics, skipping meals, improper sleep, diet sodas, constant stress, not chewing your meal properly, not getting enough water, too much caffeine, chronic illness – the list goes on.

When this happens, this microbiome in the gut sends signals that adversely influence our mood and body. Some of the common signs of poor gut health are upset stomach, fatigue, weight fluctuation, dull skin, and even anxiety. But this can be managed with a gut cleanse, with the right advice from a nutritionist.

Final verdict

Gut cleansing can be done with a healthy diet of following a gut cleanse diet plan for a while, coupled with fixed meal time, proper sleep, and exercise. Fresh fruits and vegetables that offer up lots of fiber and hydration are the best foods to help clean your bowel and keep things moving along.

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