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Plant Based Diet Chart For Weight Loss From Diet Clinic In Noida

A plant-based diet helps you lose weight and keeping it off because plant-based diets are packed with fibres, and fibres will keep you full and help you losing weight without taking extra calories in your diet. Plant-based fibre consists of both soluble and insoluble fibre.

Both fibres help differently, soluble fibre helps in keeping you full as well as help in controlling bad cholesterol along with weight loss. Soluble fibre has also been used in disease like diverticulitis and IBS. Insoluble fibre works differently and helps in creating weight loss with the help of keeping you full, as well as relieves you of the problem of constipation, gas and acidity.

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A plant-based diet consists of protein, fibre, vitamins as well which help in further weight loss by increasing satiety and improving muscle mass. With more muscle mass a person burns more calories and increase metabolic rate which further helps in weight loss.

A plant-based diet will keep your body alkaline, which means good PH value of your body. With an alkaline environment body response to weight loss get improved. Taking lemon juice in the morning create an alkaline environment and give belly fat reduction along with weight loss.

Plant-based protein like tofu, Nutella and pulses also keep less load on the kidney because the by-product of these protein sources is less. Green leafy vegetables are high in fibre and also rich in phytonutrients helps in weight loss and fulfil the Vitamin mineral requirements of the body.

Weight loss with a high protein diet is the best way to lose weight. For weight loss, you need to give calorie deflect. And in calorie deflect keep protein high as much as 50 per cent. Aim for 40 gm of fibre a day which is easy to do when you move vegetable, fruits, whole grain, and beans to the centre of your plate. Drink three litter of water per day to overcome high fibre intake which may give bloating effect.

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