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10 tips to maintain weight loss during festivities by the best nutritionist in Noida

India is a country with countless festivals and special occasions. Our festivals revolve mostly around spending time with family and relishing different delicacies made during these festivals. It is almost difficult to resist these savories made by our loved ones. However, if fitness is your goal for this year it makes sense to be mindful of partaking in these festivities. We do not believe in suggesting you to refrain from these little joys of lives but at the same time you could always use some of our tips and remain on track to your weight loss journey along with enjoying the festival.

So how can we enjoy all the festivals without gaining excess weight or side tracking from our fitness goal? Here are some tips that will help you with exactly that

  • Control portion sizes: Yes you can have that Gulab Jamun or Gujiya, but do not go overboard. Know how much is enough. Enjoy the delicacy but be mindful of the number of sweets you take.
  • Make smart choices: There are many delicacies that can be made using no sugar and with as much sweetness. For instance you can use delicacies made of dates as it will satisfy your craving for sugar yet will be a healthier choice
  • Cook healthy food: Use smart cooking options such as baking instead of frying wherever possible. Try to avoid eating food which is too deep fried every day. You can have a bit of it every now and then but not in every meal. As much as possible try to avoid taking too heavy dishes for dinner. Instead go for a heavy breakfast.
  • Home cooked food: Yes home cooked food is any day better than ordering from outside as it is light and also made using less of oil and spices. This will also keep you feeling light and will not cause any gastric problems
  • Include salads in your meals: Try to eat your salads before your main course and try to consume it more. This way you will consume other heavier foods in lesser quantity and feel satiated also for a longer period of time
  • Exercise every day: Yes! This is one thing you must be very regular with if you don’t want to gain any excess weight. Make sure that you burn some extra calories a day after consuming a big meal or festive buffet. This will also keep you on track and keep your energy levels to normal. Exercising also demotivates us to make unhealthy choices as we feel more accountable and realize how much effort it takes to burn those many calories.
  • Mind your beverages: Beverages could actually lead to a lot of unnecessary calorie intake. People have them only for the sake of having them with others. If you avoid them it could mean avoiding a lot of unnecessary calories that would otherwise add to more sugar intake and more weight.
  • Do not skip meals: Although this is important for everyday but during festivals it is particularly important as we are on holiday and our general routine is tossed out of the window. It could be very easy to skip a meal and then hog on to the next one and consume excess calories. Try to take your breakfast as that should be your biggest meal of the day and will also help in keeping you active and full
  • Choose items full of protein and fibre: Survey the buffet and try to take more of protein and fibre in your meal instead of carbs and sweets. This way you will feel satiated for a longer period and it will aid in weight loss too
  • Keep a check on alcoholic beverages: While consuming alcohol could be customary or even normal during the celebration of festivities, it is important to remember that it slows down the metabolism and is not good for your weight loss Therefore keep a check on it and consume it within a limit.

We hope these tips will keep you on track when it comes to your fitness goals and will help in your overall weight loss journey. You must enjoy the festivals by all means as that is the objective behind them and not miss out on small joys of life, but at the same time keep your goals in mind.


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