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Weight loss: 7 summer drinks to aid weight loss by the best dietitian in Noida

Summer is here and so is the time to ensure that you are not only well hydrated but also on your journey to weight loss. One of the major factors which are well known to give quick results is consuming lots of liquid during summer so that you are well hydrated and also lose weight. However, we all feel bored of just drinking water whole day. So here are few drinks that you can try during summers in order to not only remain hydrated but also lose weight. They are not only detoxifying but also very tasty and easy to make.

  • Lemon Mint Detox Water: Why drink just water if you can make it healthy as well as tasty by infusing all the goodness of lemon and sprinkle a few leaves of mint in it. Lemon and mint are known to detoxify and cut fats. Also this drink is super easy to make. You can make it once and consume it the entire day
  • Cucumber Detox Water: Cucumber is another great option that you can add in your water to make it tasty, healthy and also it is super easy to make. Cucumber is known to be super hydrating and is extremely good for maintaining gut health.
  • Watermelon, Lemon and Mint Cooler: Watermelon season is here and this is one of the most hydrating and amazing fruit that you can add in your diet in order to replace drinking just normal water. Make it tastier by adding lemon, mint and ice to it and you have one of the best fat cutter weight loss drinks.
  • Coconut water: Coconut water is not just low in calories but also has less sugar as compared to most other fruit juices. This is one drink that you can consume during any season and get good results. You can add chia seeds into it in order to get quick results. Consuming it every morning on empty stomach is said to have really good results in aiding weight loss.
  • Apple, honey and cinnamon drink: This is another interesting combination which not only aids weight loss but is super tasty and easy to make. Apple is known to boost weight loss and so is cinnamon which has properties which boost metabolism. Together they make a lethal combination to aid weight loss.
  • Grapes, berries and cinnamon: This drink is really quick to make and is very delicious. Grapes and berries are both said to have weight loss properties if consumed right before the meal. This combination will help you boost your metabolism and give you best results.
  • Orange chia seeds cooler: Oranges are here and are a rich source of vitamin C. Chia seeds has quercetin, an antioxidant that can reduce your risk of developing several health conditions, including heart disease. This is a good combination and very easy to make


We hope these coolers will not only keep you refreshed throughout the day but will also keep you on track in your weight loss journey.

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