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10 things your Nutritionist wants you to know – Dr. Namita Nadar, Top nutritionist in Noida

There is great amount of information and countless articles on the internet with regards to nutrition and health. In today’s time getting correct and professional guidance has become all the more difficult when so many voices can be heard and so many opinions are just floating on the internet without any credibility. Therefore, it is important to list of 10 most important things that your nutritionist wants you to keep in mind about diet, nutrition and overall health whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, body building, or just overall healthy living.

  • Small steps also count: You have finally started making changes in your diet and nutrition and you are eager to see results but you are not able to see them. You want to see weight loss, weight gain air anything that is your goal. Hold on! Don’t give up just yet. Wait for your body to accept these changes and remember even small changes that you have made will show results if you are consistent in your efforts. You do not have to jump on crash diets or crazy fitness routines in order to achieve an intended body weight. All you need to do is make sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you to lose weight and that too forever!
  • Stick to your ancestral diet: Fads come and go but the best thing is always to stick to something that your ancestors have been having since many years. Your body is accustomed to the diet that has been evolved over the years by your ancestors according to the weather and other conditions. Eat food that is seasonal and locally available. This way it will be cheaper and also beneficial to you and the local economy. You will also achieve your overall fitness goals of weight loss, weight gain, body building etc without giving up things you loved in your childhood. For instance, people in North India consume jaggery and peanuts during winter because these food items keep you warm and boost your immunity. This ancestral wisdom will help you a long way
  • Eating is more than just consuming food: Eating food is not just about providing nutrition to your body but it is also a way of connecting with others, socialising, culture, history and much more. So don’t just keep counting calories when the idea of food is also to have fun. Take a break from your diet if you are enjoying meals with your family or celebrating a birthday of a loved one.
  • Your gut health affects your overall wellbeing: Imagine not being able to enjoy anything just because you are unable to digest anything properly. This could lead to weight gain or not able to lose weight. This might also make you feel that you are losing a lot that is why your gut health is very important. Your gut is like a thin lining which is constantly filtering foods so imagine pouring unhealthy diet day after day. Slowly your gut will start acting up and you will face several digestive issues. The only way to tackle this is to eat healthy.
  • Improve your immunity and gut healthy via food instead of capsules: Although taking capsules could be necessary in some cases however the best way to feed your immune system is via healthy food. Including wide spectrum of food groups in your diet will provide diverse prebiotic fibres and polyphenols will feed a broad spectrum of beneficial, probiotic bacteria. And greater probiotic diversity ensures more gut benefits are available, including better immunity.
  • Include as many colours as possible: Do not leave out any food group, try to make your plate as colourful as possible. By doing this you will ensure that you are getting all the required micro and macro nutrients and it will add to the overall wellbeing. If weight loss is your goal add more of greens in your diet. You can even add fruits in your diet in order to make it more wholesome and nutritious.
  • Drink plenty of water: You might have heard this many times but this is one of the most important things that your nutritionist wants you to know. Drinking water not only aids in weight loss but also has several benefits. It is good for you overall gut health and keeps your organs healthy.
  • Health is not just about healthy eating: Whether your goal is weight loss or it is to maintain the weight or simple to lead an overall healthy life, it is not just dependent on diet but also your overall lifestyle. Whether or not you are getting enough sleep, whether you exercise or do you lead a very sedentary lifestyle, therefore do not just fret about the diet and also focus on improving your overall lifestyle.
  • Work towards mind & body both: Don’t just work on achieving bodily goals but also focus on your mental health. This is important as no matter how much you do if you don’t feel good about yourself it will not make any positive change in your life. Try to accept your body and inculcate the habit of gratitude towards all that it does for you. Do not get bogged down by unrealistic standards of beauty set by celebs and what you see on tv and do not compare yourself with celebrities as they have an entire team of professionals to take of their body and looks. Positive thinking will also boost your overall health, keep you motivated and also fast track your weight loss or whatever goal you want to achieve.
  • Take a break: We all want to achieve our goals fast whether it is weight loss or body building but that does not mean that you have to be at it 24*7. It is advisable to give your body a rest or a cheat day of at least one day a week. People who take a rest from their routine for a day have got better results as compared to those who go through a strict regimen every day. So a well thought out cheat day is in fact a good thing and will also boost your weight loss journey.

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