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Weight loss tips


Weight loss is not a big thing if comes to commitment and dedication. It all needs a strong will power to follow a regime. But to follow that regime u have to be consistent because healthy weight loss is  a slightly long process depends on your weight loss goals. And to achieve that goal you have to follow a scientifically proven method of keeping your calorie intake low and burning more. Now to achieve this you need a customized diet based on your BMI and BMR
Basic metabolic rate will provide you your maintenance calories and based on that you have to deflect your calories. Calorie deflect and calorie burn with exercise and physical activity both matters a lot.

Now come diet chart and diet planning which totally depends on the level of your physical activity. Any individual diet plan suits to you is not necessarily successful every time. Because your body type is different from others and your metabolism too.
You can easily get your basic metabolic rate calculations from Google after that deduct 500 to 700 kcal from your maintenance calories. And here you got your full day calories intake.

Now u have to divide that calories in to macro distribution which is your carbohydrates fats and proteins. Make sure your protein intake is highest for fast fat loss. Fat loss is more important than weight loss. Weight loss includes your water loss muscles loss too. Its your choice now what kind of a body you want.
Choose high quality protein like chicken breast egg whites. And if you are vegetarian then go for pulses chickpea nutrella soya and tofu.
Tofu is best source of protein having high in calcium and protein with very less in fat in comparison to paneer.
So choose your protein wisely.

Will discuss on micro nutrients in detail in my next blog till then try to follow high protein diet chart with good cardio activity.

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