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Excessive Fat Removal From Specific Body Parts.

Weight loss is a beautiful journey for individual who shows dedication towards healthy eating and healthy living. Another term for weight loss is fat loss. Fat loss is defined as excess area fat removal from specific parts like belly, arms, thighs, hands, and face fat.

Not only specific body parts, but weight loss also helps the organs to remain healthy. Weight loss helps in reducing the excess fat around the organs but in a healthy manner keeping all the organs active and healthy.

Nowadays everyone is keen to lose weight in any manner and goes far beyond from a healthy diet. Weight loss is promoted by accepting a healthy eating pattern a well-balanced meal and a healthy lifestyle. 

Acceptance of eating right helps one to lose weight. Now we look forward to some tips for healthy weight loss.

Some Important Tips for Fat Loss:

1.) Stay Hydrated

A keen mantra for healthy weight loss. It is always advisable to drink more and more water at least 10-12 glasses to keep the body hydrated and keep the mind and soul refreshed.

2.) Consumption Of Fibres

Fibers are found in plant-based sources and help to maintain gut healthy by promoting healthy gut microbiota. A recommended of 40g of fiber according to the RDA. More of the emphasis should be on the ancient style eating like consumption of whole grains that are ragi, jowar, bajra, oats, spelt flour, dalia etc.

3.) Protein Consumption

Protein, an important macronutrient available widely to us, helps in weight reduction. Protein not only repair tissues muscles but also helps in maintaining the tissues muscles and organs. while during weight loss protein consumption should be increased. Protein is usually present in pulses that are dals in the common name which includes green gram whole, lobia, rajma, chole, horse gram etc. Other sources include eggs, milk and low fat milk products like tofu, homemade cottage cheesecurd, yogurt, lean meats like chicken, fish, shrimp, scallops.

4.) Nuts And Oilseed Consumption

Nuts are an important part of the diet high in heart-healthy fats that is omega 3 fatty acids and a good source of fiber. Consumption of almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios(unsalted), Brazilian nuts, etc. A superfood that helps in weight loss is flaxseeds, chia seed, sabja seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds,etc.

5.) Consumption Of Vegetables

Vegetables are a good source of fiber and gives a feeling of satiety for a long period of time and delay gastric emptying.

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 6.) Levels, Maintaining Healthy Blood

Maintaining Healthy Blood fats like cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, and help in controlling inflammation. Some important ways which help to lose weight but increase Muscle Mass include:

Eat Plenty Of Proteins

Proteins are basic building blocks for the body. Enzymes present in protein helps in digestion and energy production, regulate fluid balance, support immune health. Protein is important for maintaining the muscle which helps to support new muscle growth. Protein Requirement for different age groups differs varies depending on age, sex, and physical activity level.

Sources of Proteins Include Milk (Skim Milk, Toned Milk, Double toned Milk, Cow Milk), Curd, Paneer, Cheese, egg white, Pulses (Arhar, moong, masoor, urad, Rajmah, chole, lobia, Kala chana, sprouts, besan), Quinoa, Soybean, Edamame, Soy chap, miso, tofu.


It is the most important way to encourage fat loss rather than muscle loss. Follow Calorie Deficit Diet One should aim to reduce weight by cutting 500-600 Kcal per day to minimize muscle loss while having fat loss. Calories can be reduced if we focus on a healthy lifestyle such as consuming more fruits, vegetables, whole grains ( like millet, quinoa, Amaranth, etc.), lean protein foods(like chicken, fish, egg whites), low-fat dairy, and less intake of sugar-sweetened products like Soft Drinks, Aerated Drinks, processed juices (like real, Tropicana, B Natural) and beverages (such as Flavoured milk), processed meats (like Red meat- beef, mutton), and fried foods include (pakoda’s, chips, mathri, kachori, namak pare, bhatura, Raj kachori, Dahi Bhalla.)

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