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Which are the best vitamins for weight loss for females?

Are you worried about your weight gain? And searching a effective way to loss your weight? Then don’t worry you are at the right place, by consulting with best dietician in Noida, you can get right guidance for weight loss. Today in this blog post, we are covering about all the vitamins and minerals that will be quite effective in your weight loss especially in females.

Vitamins & Minerals for weight loss in females

Vitamin B

Vitamin B comes in variety of form with different functions but overall this vitamin is quite helpful in regulating metabolism and boosting weight loss. So if you have low metabolism problem, then you should consume Vitamin B in your diet or you can consult Best dietician for weight loss in Noida. Bananas, Meat, Eggs, Lentils, Milk, Beans are some of the best source of Vitamin B.

Vitamin D

This is among the very effective in weight loss. It is reported that obese peoples have very minute concentration of vitamin D. This vitamin also very effective in building strong immunity. If we talk about the natural ways, then sun rays are the best source of vitamin D. Apart from this, Egg yolk, Cod liver oil, Salmon are also the great source of vitamin D.


This is also one of the best mineral which involves in regulating all the biochemical reactions held in our body. Legumes, Nuts, Green leafy vegetables like spinach are the best source of magnesium. So if you are suffering from low metabolism, then this mineral will be quite helpful for you.


Iron is the most crucial mineral regulating blood cells formation in the body. Apart from this, it also provide energy to the all the body parts. So, if you are suffering from extremely tiredness problems, then you should consume iron in your diet. Meat, Green leafy vegetables are the best source of Iron.

Wrapping up

In above blog post, you will find the list of some useful vitamins and minerals which proved to be reducing weight loss in obese people. So what are waiting for? Consult today with our Best diet coach in Noida and make your regular diet plan.

What are the symptoms and causes of PCOS?

These days due to more work, we ignore our precious health and due to this we get trapped in bad kind of unhealthy habits, which further leads to dangerous conditions like PCOS disease.

PCOS is a Polycystic syndrome or polycystic ovary disease. This is the very dangerous condition which mostly reported in women due to hormonal imbalance. There are some reason for that condition like extreme weight gain, Insulin imbalance, Lack of ovulation, Hypothyroidism, Genes imbalance.

Below we discuss the exact cause which is responsible for causing this dangerous disease. For this you need to consult the best nutritionist in Noida.

Laziness – Lack of proper habits like exercise, drinking water sometimes lead to dangerous disease like PCOS. Laziness are the real cause for this condition.

Fast food – Yes these days almost everyone eating fast food to save their time and get trapped in this bad condition. So if you are still eating fast food then you need to get alert about your health.


All the above conditions and cause we talked, are very hard to ignore especially if you are working person. So to regain your health, you can consult best weight loss clinic in Noida.

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